Open Circuit Technical Diving Courses

Open circuit technical diving has dramatically evolved in the last few decades with new techniques, information, equipment and technology contributing to it’s popularity and growth. Proper application of these advancements have made it possible to conduct dives that where not possible only a few years ago.  

The ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen Team has evolved with these changes by the constant training of our own staff. Our staff has worked hard to bring our customers the cutting edge of diving information. We are in the unique position to have been part of the evolvement of technical diving in Mexico and to have used, applied and developed these techniques in training and exploration.  

Please see below to learn more about our courses. 

Open circuit technical dive training in Mexico

Nitrox Diver

Using oxygen enriched air while diving reduces nitrogen uptake in the body’s tissues, offering many benefits.

Advanced Nitrox Diver

This course is for divers interested in diving with higher oxygen percentages than those allowed under the Nitrox Diver certification.

Trimix Level 1 Diver

Adding non-narcotic Helium to the breathing mix allows us to dive deeper without the dreaded effects of inert gas narcosis.

Mental Considerations

Open circuit technical diving does carry risk. Divers should consider their mental state and whether they possess the mental conditioning and positive attitude required in survival situations. In addition, divers must fully understand the risks they are undertaking and display a willingness to strive for perfection in the art of open circuit technical diving. We stress repetition of emergency exercises until they become second nature. 

Protecting the Environment Starts With Us

For the diver’s safety, and to protect the environment, all divers interested in entering open circuit technical diving must have precision buoyancy, trim and control in the water. We recommend all divers take our ABC Program: Advanced Control Trim & Technique prior to enrolling in any open circuit technical courses,

What to Expect in Class

Our open circuit technical courses focus on best practices and procedures to promote safe  diving. We practice drills and skills in a safe, controlled and supervised environment, both in and out of the water. Divers practice how they would handle worst-case scenarios, such as loss of breathing gas. For us, the training standards are, literally, bare minimums. We include a variety of additional exercises and scenarios, based on our vast and international experience open circuit technical diving. 

We are safety enthusiasts who will make sure you finish your training equipped with the skills necessary to dive to your certification level.

If You're Already A Certified Open Circuit Technical Diver

If you are already a certified open circuit technical diver, ProTec offers a wide range of guiding and training options to suit your needs. Visit one of the famous deep sinkholes found in the jungle, or one of the many deep wrecks or wall dives just a short ride from the shoreline. If you want to challenge yourself and continue to increase your knowledge and skillset we specialize in both cave and rebreather diver training.


“Their wealth of knowledge is truly invaluable if you aspire to improve your diving”

Andrew C.