Trimix Level 1 Diver

For divers looking to reach new depths, Trimix diving is the missing piece to the puzzle.  Adding non-narcotic Helium to the mix allows us to dive deeper without the negative effects of inert gas narcosis. With our cognitive brain function uninhibited, we can execute these dives in a safe and enjoyable manner.  

Divers learn safe dive planning and execution procedures to ensure dives up to 200ft/60m depth go smoothly and task loading is kept to a manageable minimum. Much of this course is completed in the water, with numerous ascents and emergency skill drills until they become second nature. Initial dives will be on nitrox-based gas blends before moving to helium-based blends as ascents become more fluid.

Whilst famous for cavern and cave diving, Mexico offers some world class deep diving sites, both inland and offshore. During the initial training dives of your class we will visit some of the most famous sinkholes in the world including the breathtaking cenote “El Pit”. Where we can focus on mastering deep diving protocols and procedures in swimming pool like conditions, whilst focusing on ascent training. As the course advances we will take advantage of our geographical location, being surrounded by some of the most pristine reefs in the Caribbean.

Divers will learn how to compute their decompression on the fly as a function of average depth and bottom time in addition to traditional dive planning and use of a multi gas computer. We are extremely passionate about the subject of decompression and will cover not only its history but also the various different algorithms and their differences. Having a deeper and more in depth knowledge of decompression will help you to make educated decision underwater to ensure you surface unharmed from even the most extreme decompression dive.

Our team has experience in doing 60+min dives in depths over 100m / 330ft using free in water as well as habitat decompression procedures. 

Certification for this course is offered through PSAI Mexico. This course takes a minimum of 5 days to complete and is available to all certified Advanced Nitrox Divers or those with an equivalent certification.  100 logged dives, 30 of which have been decompression dives deeper than 30 meters (100 feet)


Course Content Includes:

  • Trimix usage safety and equipment
  • Types of Trimix mixtures
  • Physiological considerations associated with the use of Trimix
  • Formulas for Trimix diving
  • Gas management
  • In depth decompression history
  • Mechanics of on and off gassing
  • Tracking decompression
  • Ratio and pragmatic decompression
  • Team gas switching procedure
  • Omitted decompression and gas failures.
  • Use of the PSAI extended range dive planning sheet
  • Use of the PSAI Trimix planning charts and worksheet


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