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Equipment For Exploration

While much of the world is on virus lock down here is something to keep you entertained and wet the appetite for cave diving!  I’m going to tell you about some of the equipment and techniques we have been using recently for cave exploration here in Mexico. As it...

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Joram Mennes: Underwater Photography Q&A

Here’s a quick Q & A with Joram Mennes about his work and passion for photography. He’s created some epic images for us recently and we can’t wait to see more!! PT: How long have you been cave diving in Mexico and what made you settle down here? JM: I’ve lived...

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Divers Unite Against Plastic

Today we need to discuss a challenging topic that may seem unrelated to diving but is however part of a larger problem that we need to address as a community and as an industry: Plastic pollution. The indiscriminate use of disposable plastics when conducting diving...

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Exploration Time

Over the last month or so, Patrick Widmann and myself have been working on exploring a relatively (for Mexico) deep section of cave. It has been challenging, rewarding and a lot of fun. I have made mistakes, learnt a ton, and ran into some less than ideal situations....

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Euro Cave Trip

This year I was lucky enough to be able to take some time off “work” and Mexico to go on an epic cave diving trip around Europe. This is a small article about the adventures that followed. Part of the reason behind the idea of the trip was that Patrick had been...

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The Revolution Begins

My last CCR article was about the KISS Sidekick, which served me well for a couple of years and gave me an affordable option to learn to dive rebreathers in the overhead environment. It had a lot of great features, but the fundamental configuration created problems...

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Appreciation Time

After a year and a half in Victoria – Australia, the forever changing weather, BBQs, amazing craft beers, feasts of any cuisine I craved and road trips for cave diving, I finally decided on a date to return to the life I had been living since 2010 – a full time diving...

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“They are truly amazing. I have been with them twice and am already looking into making a third trip with them! “

Matt C.