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The Awareness Series: Part 1

Close your eyes.  Continue to read this even though your eyes are closed.  Envision the space around you, what does it look like?  With your eyes still closed, reach out and touch the nearest object to you. What else is around you? Now open your eyes,...

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Shearwater Petrel 3, a review…

While this computer is not new in the market, I have only recently been “forced” to upgrade my trusty Petrel 2. I started using the Petrel 3 in October 2023 so I now have some idea how it compares. For those who are interested in closed circuit rebreathers, are...

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From Mexico, with love!

What a year 2023, it seems like a few months ago we were still uncertain about things ever going back to normal after the pandemic. The world has changed and we have evolved and grown with it. Before the pandemic, we worked hard to build a business where people could...

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SEAL Drysuit Review

Some of the most common questions I get on social media are about the drysuit I use. Usually, from divers who are thinking about moving to drysuit diving and want to know my thoughts on suits. That spurred me to do a little write up about my suit and why I like...

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The Line Less Traveled

Every week vacationing divers come up to me with the same question: “Can you give us directions for X line at Y  cave”. If I have determined that the dive they are asking for is safely within their scope of training and experience, I am happy to brief and explain...

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Can we do any better?

The motivation for writing this article was my recent conversation with David Mayor, a well-known explorer, cave diver and instructor in the area. We met at a dive site and started a casual talk, exchanging recent news and experiences. As everyone else working in the...

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Cave Diving in Switzerland

When people think of Switzerland they usually have chocolate, mountains, and watches on their mind – which, admittedly, was a big part of my life in earlier days. However, my last trip back to my home country gave me a chance to explore new corners of this tiny, yet...

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“They are truly amazing. I have been with them twice and am already looking into making a third trip with them! “

Matt C.