From Mexico, with love!

by | Dec 15, 2023 | News

What a year 2023, it seems like a few months ago we were still uncertain about things ever going back to normal after the pandemic. The world has changed and we have evolved and grown with it. Before the pandemic, we worked hard to build a business where people could come and train to the highest level, while feeling at home and creating a sense of belonging.

During the lockdown we were the base for many divers, stranded in Mexico or adventurous enough to travel during the lockdown. We made the most of exploration opportunities, we became the hub for the Kiss Sidewinder CCR, we continued training our instructors in higher and more refined levels of teaching, and we continued to find creative ways of growing in a generally stalled tourism industry.

 And just like that, a few weeks ago, from one day to another, we were swarmed with a wave of students, divers, and friends who, as the start of the season kicked in, booked to resume, start or maintain their cave diving addiction. It finally feels like we’re back to normal. It only took three years but we’ve taken down the acrylic COVID screen on the reception counter as a sign that we’ve made it through and the other side is looking pretty bright.

The Basecamp is fully booked, we have 12 build spots in our CCR Room, we’ve added 24 new gear lockers to our facility, we installed 15 more dry suit hangers upstairs and we have prepared more coffee than ever at our reception and retail area which is now stocked with souvenirs, t-shits, and top notch dive gear.

We’d love to say it’s like the old days, but actually, it is better, brighter, bigger and stronger. We are growing as a team, with a staff base of 10 full time instructors between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, some of which travel to dive professionally. In 2023 Skanda went exploring in Australia, Tamara joined the Sunfish project in Southeast Alaska, Jake returned to Madagascar and Patrick went teaching to the Philippines for the first time. We are fully prepared for high season 2024 and beyond. 

As this year comes to an end we want to thank you for your endless support, trust and loyalty, may we continue celebrating life together and forging the strong friendships we are fortunate to have with you. 

All our best for 2024.

From Mexico, with love!