Choosing between Tulum and Playa del Carmen

Both ProTec facilities are carefully designed to meet the needs of cave divers visiting Mexico’s cenotes. We take special care to ensure that your stay in Mexico is comfortable and diving and gear care is as easy as possible. For more information about the diving-related amenities at each facility, please see ProTec Playa Del Carmen or ProTec Tulum.

When trying to decide between our two facilities, you need to consider what you are looking for in a vacation outside of diving. Tulum and Playa Del Carmen are very different. Here we example the differences between these two locations to help you decided which location best suits you. 

Playa del Carmen

Originally a little fishing village, Playa (as locals call it) has grown incredibly over the last 15 years. The heart of Playa is “La Quinta,” or 5th Avenue, which is a pedestrian walk that stretches almost the length of town. There is incredible shopping on La Quinta, including crafts, tequila, clothing, art, jewellery, even luxury brands.

The beach and 5th Avenue are walkable from our location (and Mom’s Hotel). The are several upscale beach clubs that offer food and drink service whilst you relax in the sun, underneath an umbrella, enjoying the incredible view. Most beach clubs also have pools and lifeguards should you and your family prefer to stay out of the ocean. 


Tulum is located about 60 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. While Tulum is world-famous for its pristine, white sand beaches, please note that our Base Camp accommodation is located in town, not on the beach.

Tulum is smaller than Playa Del Carmen but has a lively beach town feel, even in town. The beach is located 15 min drive from town. Both town and the beach have plenty of restaurants and lodging options.

ProTec Tulum is located 10 minutes drive from the Tulum ruins and one hour from the famous archaeological site of Coba.

“We enthusiastically recommend diving with ProTec if you want to go cave diving in Mexico with cave diving specialists!”

Meiko Y.