ProTec Tulum

Open since 2011, ProTec Tulum Dive Center is a state of the art, purpose built facility, designed to accommodate all of your diving needs. Right on the doorstep of some of the most extensive cave systems in the world, our Tulum location is an action packed shop full of passionate cave divers and instructors. We now proudly offer on site accommodations in “The BaseCamp”, designed by divers, for divers.

ProTec Tulum Dive Center offers diver and instructor training, guiding services and support for visiting cave and rebreather divers, two classrooms, and a full retail shop. Our shop is well stocked with all the dive equipment needed for cave diving. We always have 797 Sofnolime CO2 absorbent in stock for our CCR Rebreather divers. We also run the biggest fill station in the area, with two L&W silent, high-volume compressors, a nitrox membrane compressor, a massive Nitrox 32 bank and an air/helium/oxygen bank with a double stage double action booster pump. 

 Don’t feel like bringing everything with you? We have plenty of rental dive gear to choose from, including CCR Rebreathers and DPVs. We also offer photographic and video services and expedition support on special request

Our Facilities

Our custom-built dive center was designed with technical divers in mind. We make loading tanks and gear as easy as possible. Parking is available only a few meters/feet from our gear room and fill station. We provide lockers to store your gear and charge your batteries, as well as a special area for washing and hanging your wet or dry suits. We offer a large selection of Sidemount and Double DIN valved rental tanks in aluminium or steel. CCR Rebreather divers will love our dedicated, air conditioned, oil and grease-free rebreather assembly and storage area with its large selection of CCR tanks in all sizes and materials, as well as the dedicated rinsing and drying area for your breathing loop and counterlungs. 

 We blend all of our own breathing gases.  Two large, silent L&W compressors, with the Nouvair membrane system and inline CO detector, insure a continuous supply of tested breathing air and ean32 on tap (of course, we provide manual O2 and CO analyzers so you can test your breathing gases). To facilitate tank filling and gas blending processes, we have a large-volume breathing gas storage bank connected to our double stage double action booster pump and fill station.

We provide all types of gas fills including: Air, Nitrox, Oxygen to 3000 psi / 200 bar, Triox, Trimix and Heliox. Our mixing is accomplished by partial pressure blending aided by our oxygen clean booster pump to boost oxygen and helium to high fill pressures.

For large volume Nitrox needs, we use our Nouvair membrane system, backed up by our continuous blending Nitrox stick system, for Eanx mixtures up to 40%.  

Please note: We do not fill unknown tanks with oxygen or any other gas. All tanks are subject to inspection and certification cards are needed for certain fills or tank rentals. 


We are proud to offer 6 rooms for rent above the ProTec Tulum Dive Center in what we like to call Base Camp. Designed with the dedicated diver in mind, our rooms are clean and comfortable with air conditioning and free wi-fi. We offer 3 double rooms and 3 single rooms which share a common kitchen with a big fridge. Each room has a safe for sensitive documents and we include daily housekeeping, which should make your stay as comfortable as possible. It’s an extremely quiet area, by local standards, which is not even disturbed by the super-silent compressors in our fillstation.  Please note, the dive center is not located at the beach, we are in downtown Tulum. If your main purpose is diving in the beautiful, Mexican caves, you can’t beat our location! Please contact us to inquire about reservations. 

“This is the fourth time that we have used ProTec Dive Center in Tulum and they remain absolutely superb.”

Jonathan A.


Opening hours:

Mon – Fri 08:00 – 19:00
Sat & Sun 08:00 – 12:00  & 13:00 – 19:00
Phone & Fax: +52-1-984-8712368

The ProTec Tulum Dive Center is located in downtown Tulum on Avenida Satelite and the corner of Calle Tun-Kul, close to the CocoPesa Hardware Store.