CCR Rebreather Courses

We have been on the forefront of technology, supporting, teaching and diving CCR rebreathers, since 2006. Rebreathers have enabled us to succeed at large-scale expeditions, exploration projects, filming and more.   It is the weapon of choice for ProTec staff when it comes to looking for virgin cave. We have navigated no mount restrictions, scootered thousands of feet back into the cave, surveyed, dealt with failures and potentially life threatening situations all whilst pushing the limits of cave exploration on rebreathers. Members of our team have been heavily involved in the development of the new PSAI For The Overhead Environment Course. We are CCR Rebreather enthusiasts. 

If you are an established rebreather diver looking for support services while in Playa del Carmen or Tulum, please see our Services for more information on our rebreather support services. Please see below for more information about our CCR Rebreather courses. 

CCR Rebreather training in Mexico

CCR Experience

This one day program starts with basic unit assembly and some explanation followed by shallow diving in a nearby cenote

CCR Basic MOD1

 Learn the basics of CCR diving. We can teach basic MOD1 courses on various rebreathers 

CCR Crossover

Best practices for safe CCR diving, no matter which unit you use. We can help you make the change from one unit to another

CCR Normoxic Trimix MOD2

The logical next step for CCR divers. Learn to dive with Helium added to the diluent for safer deep dives

CCR for the Overhead Environment

This course is helpful to anyone considering entering a cave with a rebreather and will open up lots of new cave for you

Guided CCR Diving

We offer guided services at various levels of CCR diving for you to gain experience either before or after your training.

Mental Considerations

Rebreather diving does carry risk. Divers interested in learning to dive with a rebreather should consider their mental state and whether they possess the mental conditioning and positive attitude required in survival situations. In addition, divers must fully understand the risks they are undertaking and display a willingness to strive for perfection in the art of CCR diving. We stress repetition of emergency exercises until they become second nature. CCR diving is not for everyone, however, those divers who demonstrate their aptitude for it will be rewarded with some of the best diving on the planet and a truly unique experience.

Protecting the Environment Starts With Us

For the diver’s safety, and to protect the environment, all divers must have precision buoyancy, trim and control in the water. We recommend all divers take our ABC Program: Advanced Control Trim & Technique prior to enrolling in any ccr courses.

What to Expect in Class

Our CCR Rebreather courses focus on best practices and procedures to promote safe rebreather diving. We practice drills and skills in a safe, controlled and supervised environment, both in and out of the water. For us, the training standards are, literally, bare minimums. We include a variety of additional exercises and scenarios, based on our vast and international experience CCR diving. 

ProTec’s instructors are avid CCR divers who travel all over the world and participate in high-profile scientific and exploration projects.  We are safety enthusiasts who will make sure you finish your training equipped with the skills necessary to dive to your certification level.

If You're Already A Certified Rebreather Diver

We offer personalized CCR diving guide packages in various environments. From breathtaking wall dives full of life and deep dark wrecks in the ocean, to the amazing variety of sinkholes, caverns and caves we have available to us just a short drive from our facilities. Check out our Guided CCR Diving page for more information. 

“That’s got to be the best course I have ever taken, and after more than 18 years in the dive industry”

Vincent R.