ABC Program: Advanced Buoyancy Control, Trim & Technique

At ProTec, we consider this course the prerequisite to any advanced training. Cave and technical diving demand precision control in the water. This class teaches divers how to fine-tune their trim, position, finning techniques and buoyancy. Divers will learn effective propulsion techniques that protect the environment. We also cover equipment streamlining, tactical awareness, and important emergency skills and protocols. We created an innovative way to help you gain stability in the water column so you can work from a stable platform. Our aim as instructor’s is to set our student’s up for success in all their future diving endeavors, which becomes a more achievable goal with instruction from our team to make you a master of control in the water column. We are extremely passionate about this class as we feel it truly takes people’s diving to the next level and we thrive on their achievements post course. Our ABC course will help give you a solid foundation to diving back mounted doubles or improve your existing skills as a sidemount, whilst increasing your general skills as a diver.

We will sharpen your core stability and improve your underwater posture with several exercises, including hovering and swimming without fins. Whilst they are an extremely important piece of equipment for divers, fins can help conceal potential flaws in our equipment set up and techniques without us even knowing. Through training without fins you are forced to engage your core muscles in order to hold position and stay in a flat trim which will in turn give you more control underwater and allow you to apply more of your focus underwater to the environment your diving in and the safety of you and your team mates.  

Certification for this course is offered through PSAI Mexico. This course takes a minimum of 4 days to complete and is available to all certified open water divers with at least 25 logged dives.


Course Content Includes:

  • Equipment workshop and configuration
  • Team diving
  • Fundamentals training focused on buoyancy, trim, position and various finning techniques
  • Sharing gas within the team
  • Understanding your equipment and how to react to gas failures
  • Proper technique for SMB deployment
  • How to plan and execute your own dives


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