Guided Cave Diving

Mexico is the number one destination in the world for cave diving. We have some of the most complex and diverse cenotes and cave systems right on our doorstep and are spoilt for choice as to where we go cave diving. Mexico has it all; electric blue power passages, delicate white cave full of formations, bones, fossils, small sidemount cave, amazing traverses and circuits, the list is endless!

We offer guided cenote and cave diving for all levels; intro to cave, cave, stage, multistage, DPV, etc. Our team of passionate guides will ensure you get the most out of your dives with us! 

We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love cave guiding! We can’t wait to show you some of the most amazing cave systems in the world. When anyone at ProTec has a day off you can bet they’ll be cave diving. We know the most hidden cenotes in the jungle and are happy to take you to see something incredible.

Depending on the level you are diving at we can accommodate either one or two cave dives in one day. 

Hiring a guide doesn’t mean you don’t get to be the dive leader in the team. It is important that you practice all skills and that involves also being diver #1 sometimes. Talk to your guide and make a plan the suits you.  We usually follow up fun dives with a debriefing and if you wish we also provide thorough suggestions on how to improve your diving skills, upon request.

“From the moment you walk in you realize you’re in a different type of dive shop. You feel the professionalism and the excellence that this place brings.”

Justin E.