Guide Services

We are proud of the amazing diving available to us here in Mexico and we just love showing it off! Join us for a personalized day of guided diving with one of our passionate guides and instructors. We offer customized diving itineraries for all levels of certified diver, from recreational open water dives all the way to CCR cave divers, we know places that will take your breath away!

Cenote Guide service in Mexico

Cavern Diving

The perfect introduction to diving in the Cenotes. Open to all certified divers.

Cave Diving

Personalised diving to suit your needs. Mexico is the worlds no1 for Cave Diving.

CCR Diving

World class CCR sites from sinkholes to coral reefs . Don’t forget the amazing caves.

Off The Beaten Track

For those seeking adventure and wanting to go where few have gone before.

Why Use A Guide

With one of our team of professional guides you won’t need to worry about all the logistics that go into a day of diving here in Mexico, simply turn up to one of our locations with your dive gear in hand.  As local guides and instructors our team know all the best spots and can collaborate with you for your diving days. Want to see fossils, a halocline, white cave, super decorated? Just let our team know and they will come up with a plan based on your experience level. 

No need to worry about finding the dive site, your guide knows this place like the back on their hand! Once at the site your guide will have local knowledge of any specific features or hazards that may be unique to the area. In the water they will know what route to take in order for you to get the most out of your dive, whilst staying within safety limits. 

Mexico has the most complex and extensive cave systems in the world, which mean lots and lots of navigation. Some of the most amazing areas in the cave can be difficult to find without inside knowledge, either the jump line has been cut back or it is completely unmarked. When not guiding or teaching our team goes out diving to learn new routes and new areas of the cave, so they are lucky enough to come across these places quite often!

Protecting the Environment Starts With Us

Our cave systems are fragile, generally shallow, have little water flow and plenty of fine sediment. For the diver’s safety, and to protect the cave, all divers interested in entering the caves must have precision buoyancy, trim and control in the water. 

What To Expect From Your Guide

Our guides are more than just someone to show you around underwater, they will make sure you have the best time possible on the surface too!

Your guide will ensure you have all the equipment you need to go diving and help you with fitting any gear and analyzing tanks for the day. Living in Mexico you very quickly become a foodie. Our guides know all the best taco stands and local food in the area, so a quick pit stop on the way to diving for breakfast, or lunch or the go, is not unheard of!

In the water your guide is looking for out for a million different things, but they can all be put into just two catergories; safety and your enjoyment. Our team of guides and instructors are advocates of safe diving practises and will ensure you stay will within safety limits throughout your dive. Also they will point out anything of interest underwater (our guides know these places very very well) such as fossils, bones, unique formations etc. If your a certified cave diver that wants to practise their line work, your guide can show you where the main line starts and any jumps after that. Or if you prefer to relax and have someone else lead the dive not a problem! 



More Than Just Guided Dives

All of our guides are extremely passionate about diving and teaching. If you want some feedback from your guide with suggestions on how to improve your technique, please just ask!

Whilst every dive isn’t a training dive, every dive is a learning dive. Our team of guides and instructors are diving and teaching to the highest levels and their experience and feedback could be what you needed to fix the issue in your technique you haven’t been able to address yet.

“This is the fourth time that we have used ProTec Dive Center in Tulum and they remain absolutely superb.”

Jonathan A.