Guided Cavern Diving

Guided cavern dives are the perfect way for recreational divers to discover the cenotes of Mexico and their amazing beauty. We are lucky to be so spoilt for choice when it comes to cavern dives here in Mexico, with 10+ world class cavern sites within a very close proximity. 

Some of these caverns hide ancient bones and pottery, or have mind bending optical illusions caused by the halocline and hydrogen sulfide alike. On a sunny day, these places are lit up with beams of light, paired with its breathtaking natural formations, you really feel like you have swimming through an underwater cathedral.

Our team of guides and instructors are passionate cave divers and want to show this place off for all its glory! After helping with your equipment and checking tanks at the shop, driving to the cenote your guide will give you some general history about the area and talk about how the cenotes were initially formed and why we can find all these amazing things in them. Once at the dive site your guide will give you a general briefing of the site, including heading down to the water to view the entry and exit points, any potential hazards, points of interest, restrooms etc. A general dive briefing will follow outlining safety procedures, organization, communication and the difference between open water diving and diving in a cavern. 

In the water your guide will lead you through a pre-dive safety check, including making sure your weighting is ok! We will plan our dives to last at least 45 minutes, but of course that would depend of your gas consumption. Generally, the caverns in Mexico are fairly shallow and we find that even the biggest gas guzzlers are able to enjoy a nice relaxed dive. 

Depending on the plan for the day we may have to change site for the second dive (several cenotes in the area offer two separate caverns to dive) or we may stay at the site for the second dive. We will have a surface interval between dives with lunch and refreshments that we will provide. After a good rest your guide will take you through your plan for the second dive. Most people opt for two dives in a day however it is possible to do three.  If you are improvement orientated and would like some feedback just let your guide know, they can debrief you and give you some tips and tricks on how to improve your technique! 

Guided cavern dives are open to all certified divers that have good buoyancy control. Most of our guides are not only dive professionals and cave divers, but also cave instructors themselves.

The focus on safety and detail focus, made it the best course we have done

Sven H.