Guided CCR Diving

We are privileged to have amassed knowledge and experience during almost 20 years, and to be on the forefront of CCR diving technology, being able to assist you, coach you and guide you. 

Our CCR Guided services comprise everything from building hours after your entry level course to advanced planning for several hour cave dives for the experienced diver.

Closed Circuit Rebreathers are a staple in our every day life with the majority of our guides being trained in CCR, Cave CCR and CCR Trimix and being active explorers and trainers in different CCR disciplines and environments including caves, deep and cold water.

We are not only CCR enthusiasts, we provide, use and promote CCR technology for underwater exploration, film and documentary, wildlife monitoring and photography, scientific diving and research. We will be happy to discuss your project for a custom made plan.


CCR guiding includes:

  • O2 fill 
  • Diluent (NX32% or air)
  • CCR Guide (depends on availability)
  • Round transportation from shop to dive site
  • Entrance fees
  • Free use of CCR facilities

“There is not much more I could ask for from a dive operation. ”

Tim K.