Guided CCR Diving

We have been on the forefront of technology, supporting, teaching and diving CCR rebreathers, since 2006. Rebreathers have enabled us to succeed at large-scale expeditions, exploration projects, filming and more. We are CCR Rebreather enthusiasts.

Mexico offer a huge variety of options for CCR divers including; pristine coral reefs great for the photo enthusiast, deep ship wrecks, breathtaking wall diving, sinkholes, cavern tours, and of course for those certified, cave diving. 

All of our team are certified CCR divers that regularly dive, teach and explore with their rebreathers.   As well-rounded divers, our team are always looking to increase their knowledge and skill level, and have experience diving over 8 different rebreathers including sidemount and backmount units, manual and electronic. 

“There is not much more I could ask for from a dive operation. ”

Tim K.