Planning Your Trip

While we are passionate about diving, we also love a great vacation. Let us make your trip as smooth as possible. We can organize your airport transfer, hotel, and diving logistics. 

There is plenty to do in either of our locations (and they are only 60 minutes apart). Whether you choose Playa del Carmen or Tulum as your base of operations depends mostly on what you would like to do in your time off. 

Keep in mind, when you are taking a course or using one of our guides, we provide round transportation to the cenote. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to give you recommendations for restaurants, shopping and more.

Both ProTec locations have on-site accommodations. 

Here’s some more information to help you decide between Playa del Carmen and Tulum which you may not find in our FAO’s.

Considerations for planning your trip

Choosing Your Location

Playa Del Carmen or Tulum? Each have their own advantages and charm.

Hotels And Accommodation

We offer on site budget friendly and clean accommodation at both our locations.


What else does ProTec offer aside from guided diving, training and accommodation?

How To Get Here

Don’t worry, as expert cave divers navigation is our speciality!

ProTec Booking Policy

Our commitment to you and all the small print that goes with it,

Equipment for training

Let us help you make sure you come prepared for your trip.

“There is not much more I could ask for from a dive operation. ”

Tim K.