CCR Normoxic Trimix MOD2

The logical next step for CCR divers. We are of the opinion that diving under the influence of narcosis is a dangerous thing to do with potentially severe consequences, let alone while being on a complex diving apparatus. Adding helium to your diluent is therefore a very logical, safe and, believe it or not, cheap (when compared to diving open circuit with helium) step in the right direction. This course will allow you to safely execute deeper dives on your Rebreather of choice. 

We have 8+ units available. (JJ, Megalodon, KISS Classic, ReVo, KISS Sidekick, Pelagian, XCCRKISS Sidewinder)

 Certification for this course is offered through PSAI Mexico. This course takes a minimum of 5 days to complete and is available to all certified CCR Basic MOD1 Divers of those with an equivalent certification. Students must also be certified Advanced Nitrox Divers or hold an equivalent certification.


Course Content Includes:

  • The benefits of Helium as a breathing gas
  • The Physics behind utilizing Helium for diving.
  • Decompression theory
  • Equipment workshop
  • Emergency procedures
  • Unit specific considerations


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