Advanced Nitrox Diver

This course is for divers interested in diving with higher oxygen percentages than those allowed under the Nitrox Diver certification. Divers will learn the proper procedures for diving with enriched air with oxygen concentrations up to 100% (EAN22 to Oxygen), including how to prepare for and conduct a decompression dive using Nitrox 50% and above for accelerated decompression. 

Sometimes known as “Intro To Tec” This course is the foundation for your deep diving career and will give you the core fundamentals needed to safely progress as a deep technical diver. You will learn the practical skill of switching to decompression gasses and managing multiple gas cylinders. We cover safety concerns, such as dealing with an unconscious diver, and other gas-related emergencies. We discuss how to deal with free flows from first and second stages alone, as well as a team. This course involves a classroom component that focuses on dive planning in depth, especially as it relates to decompression. Divers learn techniques for calculating bottom time versus decompression time on the fly and will develop a greater understanding of how they are related. Through repetitive training divers will leave this course being able to safely plan and execute technical dives whilst utilizing various breathing gases.

Once we have completed several days of training in several of the deep sinkholes in the area with swimming pool like conditions, we will head for the ocean to enjoy some of the amazing marine life found off the coast of the Yucatan. We will also discuss and put into practice considerations for decompression diving from boats in varying conditions.

Certification for this course is offered through PSAI Mexico. This course takes a minimum of 5 days to complete and is available to all certified Nitrox Divers with 50 logged dives, 10 of which have been between 27 meters (90 feet) and 40 meters (130 feet).


Course Content Includes:

  • The definition and benefits of Nitrox
  • The physiological concerns of using Nitrox
  • The physics and mathematics behind Nitrox
  • The use of Nitrox for technical diving
  • In depth look at decompression and various concepts and theories behind it
  • Use of decompression planning software
  • Ratio decompression – calculate your decompression obligation on the fly
  • How to analyze you gas and proper labelling cylinders for Nitrox Use
  • Determining the appropriate Nitrox blend for planned dives
  • Team gas switching procedures
  • Team diving philosophy


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