Cave Diving Instructor

We are serious about cave diving and that passion extends to our teaching methods. If you are interested in becoming the best trained cave diving instructor that you can be, we are ready to help.  Our in-house Instructor Trainers have been diving in caves all over the world including; Mexico, France, Italy, Madagascar, Bahamas, Florida, Dominican Republic, Australia, Haiti, Austria, Belize and many more locations. Being exposed to so many different conditions in underwater caves, they can condense years of knowledge and experience into your instructor training, making you a more rounded cave diving instructor that is equipped for teaching all types of caves and conditions.

Instructor Prerequisites

If you are serious about your future as a Cave Instructor, please fill out this form for detailed information and so our in-house PSAI Instructor Trainer can get in contact with you. 

“The focus on safety and detail focus, made it the best course we have done.”

Sven H.