Intro To Cave Instructor

This course introduces two new scenarios which pose a safety threat while cave diving, the lost line and lost diver drills. Both drills are taught with and without visibility. Instruction begins in the classroom, continues in an elaborate land drill in the jungle, and culminates in practicing both drills inside the cave. This course can be taught in either backmount or sidemount. During your assisting and instructor training we will break down the teaching methods and mechanics behind these two core exercises in the cave diving curriculum and give you the skills needed to safely and efficient take your teaching to the next level. 

Instructor Prerequisites

  • Must be qualified as a Cave Diver.
  • Must be qualified as a Cavern Instructor in Active Teaching Status, who has taught a minimum of three (3) Cavern Diver Programs and has proof of a minimum of seventy-five (75) logged cave dives.
  • Must provide proof of a minimum of three hundred (300) logged dives, of which at least one hundred (100) dives must be a combination of cavern and technical dives.
  • Must be recommended by a PSAI Cave Instructor, after having assisted the Instructor in a PSAI Introductory Cave Diver Program until the Instructor is confident the candidate is capable of attending an IQC.

If you are serious about your future as an Intro To Cave Instructor, please fill out this form for detailed information and so our in-house PSAI Instructor Trainer can get in contact with you. 

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