Cavern Diving Instructor

This is the starting point for your students introduction into the world of diving in an overhead environment. We take this course very seriously, as you will be developing the foundation needed for a successful cave diving instructor career. The high standards teaching we instill in our team will ensure you receive world class training for starting your journey into teaching in the overhead environment. Although we are training in the cavern, where daylight will always be present, you will learn teaching techniques that will be used at all levels of overhead environment training.

Instructor Prerequisites

  • Must be qualified as a PSAI Advanced Open Water Plus Instructor or equivalent in Active Teaching Status, with proof of a minimum of one hundred fifty (150) logged dives.
  • Must be qualified as a PSAI Cave Diver or equivalent.
  • Must have assisted in teaching one (1) PSAI Cavern program under a PSAI Cavern Instructor.
  • Must provide proof of a minimum of fifty (50) logged penetration dives.

If you are serious about your future as a Cavern Instructor, please fill out this form for detailed information and so our in-house PSAI Instructor Trainer can get in contact with you. 

“The focus on safety and detail focus, made it the best course we have done.”

Sven H.