Dive Instructor Training

We have the highest standards for dive instruction and this is reflected in how we train our Instructor Candidates. Some of the most successful cave and technical diving instructors in the industry have completed their instructor training at ProTec with the help of our in-house Instructor Trainer. We don’t offer bulk or quantity training. Instead, we focus on small classes with individual instruction to ensure that our Instructor Candidates succeed. We choose quality over quantity to make you a better instructor.

Each ProTec Dive Center Instructor Trainer does, is or has:

  •  Minimum of 10 years as an active scuba Instructor  
  • Technical and Trimix diver Instructor
  • CCR Rebreather and CCR Rebreather Cave Diver Instructor
  • Technical Cave Instructor
  • Sidemount Cave Instructor
  • Have worked in different countries as Dive Instructors
  • Each have a minimum of 5000 logged dives with a minimum of 3000 cave dives 


Know Your Instructor Trainer’s Experience

More important than the training agency, the experience your Instructor Trainer has in different environments and situations will aid him or her in teaching you to be a better instructor. Don’t hesitate to ask your potential Instructor Trainer questions about his or her experience in the field of diving. Make sure their experience aligns with your career plans, whether that’s wreck diving, cave diving, technical diving, CCR Rebreather diving, or more.

 Sometimes it is better to train in the environment where you will be teaching. ProTec instructors trainers have trained, dived and explored caves all over the world including: Austria, Egypt, Tanzania,  Caribbean Mexico, Bahamas, Madagascar, China, Australia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, United States, Spain, Italy, and France.

 Many of our instructors are active contributors to our blog. We recommend you read about their experiences, not only as inspiration, but also so you have a clear understanding of what it’s really like to be an advanced dive instructor. Please click on the links below to learn more.

Dive instructor training in Mexico

ABC Diving Instructor

The entry level for instructors with PSAI. The  fundamentals to teaching that sets you up for success. 

Sidemount Diving Instructor

Sidemount Instructor Training offered in both open water and cave through our in-house PSAI Instructor Trainers. 

DPV Diving Instructor

Both open water and overhead DPV instructor training is available with various models of underwater scooters.

Cavern Diving Instructor

The entry level course for teaching in the overhead environment and the first steps towards becoming a cave diving instructor.

Intro To Cave Instructor

Moving further into the cave and away from the daylight zone, whilst continuing to  sharpen your students skills. 

Cave Instructor

If you are interested in becoming the best trained cave diving instructor that you can be, we are ready to help.

Advanced Nitrox Instructor

Decompression dive instruction involves different considerations than recreational diving. We’ll get you there.

Trimix Level 1 Instructor

Learn how to safely instruct other divers in discipline that is decompression diving using trimix.

Rebreather Diving Instructor

We offer sport and advanced CCR Rebreather Instructor training depending on your qualifications.

“When I completed the course I had no doubt that I had the knowledge and skills…”

Mike N.