Exploration Workshop

This workshop is designed for experienced cave divers who are interested in exploring virgin caves .Several members of our team are extremely active explorers and experts in underwater cave exploration, having explored hundreds of kilometers of cave collectively. From huge phreatic tunnels to small and silty offshoot passages, we are able to draw upon our real life experiences to give you the tools needed to safely explore virgin cave passages.

This workshop takes a minimum of 2 days to complete and is available to all experienced Cave Divers with solid fundamentals.  

If you are taking this course with real life exploration in mind consider adding one of our Underwater Cave Survey Workshops to this class. The Underwater Cave Survey Workshop lasts for 3 days. Learn how accurately survey the cave, you haven’t explored if you don’t know where you have been. 


Workshop Content Includes:

  • Logistics, planning and equipment 
  • Land owner relations 
  • Line laying techniques and considerations 
  • Reading the cave and searching for the way on 

ProTec offers various certification combinations to help you reach your cave diving goals. Check out our cave diver Training Tracks to help you plan your trip. 

Please note this is a workshop without certification.


“We enthusiastically recommend diving with ProTec if you want to explore the cenotes with cave diving specialists!”

Meiko Y