CCR Basic MOD 1 Package

Team diving is not only safer but it is way more fun! You and your buddy can reap the benefits of a comprehensive, safe and enjoyable introduction to rebreather diving with our team of dedicated rebreather instructors. Open to all certified Nitrox divers looking to immerse themselves into the bubble free world! Solid fundamentals are a must for this class. 


What’s Included In The Package?

  • Private airport transfers (Round Trip) 
  • 8 nights accommodation based on 2 people sharing a room     
  • 7 days of CCR training
  • All course materials and rental gear 
  • No hidden fees!


How Much Does The Package Cost?

Due to logistics the price of our buddy team packages does differ slightly between locations. The cost of our CCR Basic MOD 1 Package is $2649 per person in our Playa Del Carmen facility and $2754 in our Tulum facility

Both our locations offer clean, comfortable on site accommodation with air conditioning and wifi. Click Here to view our lodging options in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum


Want to enter the silent, bubble free world of Rebreather Diving? Our Instructors are extremely experienced rebreather divers. They use CCRs on shallow reefs, to extreme depths and in overhead environments during some of the most challenging exploration dives in the world. From sub 100 meter caves in Dominican Republic to 3km plus penetration in the logistically challenging caves of Madagascar, they have spent years honing in their skills as rebreather divers, pushing their machines to the limit as they look for that next big connection. As well-rounded divers, our team are always looking to increase their knowledge and skill level, and have experience diving over 8 different rebreathers including sidemount and backmount units, manual and electronic. All of this knowledge and experience has been condensed into our CCR Basic MOD 1 class so that you can benefit from an intense yet rewarding training program. Learn about the physics behind rebreather diving, how to assemble, disassemble and maintain your unit. In water, we will concentrate on dealing with different buoyancy issues within rebreather diving and lots and lots of emergency procedures. Emergency management will be taught both in the classroom and in water. We will cover simple and effective techniques to deal with all rebreather related emergencies and the physiology behind them.  

 In Mexico, we have the luxury of 24C – 28C water year-round with 30m plus visibility in the majority of our open water training sites. During your course, we will spend lots of time at one of the deeper inland diving sites concentrating on the proper team ascent and descent techniques. This can be very challenging even for the most experienced of divers, however we benefit from having swimming pool like conditions available to us year round in the deep sinkholes surrounding the area. This allows you to focus on practicing and retaining these new skills without having to worry about poor diving conditions, which we would encourage for you to experience once you have mastered diving your rebreather in more controlled settings.

 This course will give you the solid foundation needed to safely enjoy rebreather diving. In this class diver’s will not only learn to set up, maintain and dissemble their units, but they will also learn how to get the most out of them in regards to dive planning.

 We have 8+ units available. (JJMegalodonKISS ClassicReVo, KISS SidekickPelagianXCCRKISS Sidewinder)

 Certification for this course is offered through PSAI Mexico. This course takes a minimum of 7 days to complete and is available to all certified Nitrox Divers or those with an equivalent certification.


Course Content Includes: 

  • Physics of Rebreather Diving
  • How does a Rebreather work?
  • Equipment workshop
  • Unit assembly, break down and maintenance.
  • Emergency procedures
  • Unit specific considerations
  • Buoyancy challenges when diving a rebreather


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ProTec offers various certification combinations to help you reach your rebreather diving goals. Check out our CCR diver Training Tracks to help you plan your trip.



“Love this place, some of the best cave divers in the world teach here.”

Sabin R.