ProTec Dive Centers 


Playa del Carmen & Tulum, Mexico

Innovative and industry leading technical training for divers of all backgrounds.

Since 2001 we have excelled in cenote diving and exploration, cave and rebreather training.

ProTec Dive Centers is the biggest hub of factory approved Kiss Sidewinder training in Mexico.

Our elite team of international instructors teach and guide in several languages and have vast experience diving in Mexico and abroad. They are active explorers, scientific divers, and are involved in equipment design and testing.

Our divers set an example on safety, experience, healthy lifestyle and advanced technical diving knowledge. Come live the ProTec experience and become part of our ProTec family!


Mexico's premier cave diving training and support center

Cavern Tours and Cave Diving

Cenote diving and Cenote tours are available for divers of all levels. Cenote tours are available for recreational divers and guided cave dives are offered for cave certified divers of all levels in Open Circuit or CCR.

Cave Diving Training

Known for cavern and cave training in the cenotes, ProTec has not only adapted but also modeled and defined current cave diving training practices. Our method is based on practical experience, real life scenarios and time spent on the field. We adapt our teachings to our students in a personalized experience that will make you grow as a diver and as a person.

CCR/Rebreather Diving

Our guides are CCR Cave divers with experience in complex dive planning. Our CCR Room is one of the biggest and most comfortable in the area with space for 14 simultaneous units. We provide guidance, facilities, fills, tanks  and supplies for CCR divers using a variety of units.

Become a Tec Diver!

 We coach and train divers of all levels to improve skills through training in buoyancy control, technique and stability. Basic technical skills and programs of different levels are conducted in open water, in preparation for you to start your technical diver journey!

Two locations in the heart of Mexican cave diving.

ProTec Playa del Carmen

Located in the heart of bustling Playa del Carmen, ProTec Playa was the first technical dive shop in the city in 2001. Our flagship store has been a landmark for thousands of technical divers visiting Mexico over the last two decades. Playa is a great choice for those who enjoy spending time in a bigger and busier, world-class tourist destination. With top training sites a short drive away, Playa del Carmen is the ideal location for your cave diving vacation.

ProTec Tulum

Located minutes away from the world’s most extensive cave systems – Sac-Actun and Ox-Bel-Ha – ProTec Tulum is perfectly located for the visiting cave diver. Mexico’s most beautiful beaches and Maya ruins are a quick drive away. Tulum is a great choice for a relaxed vacation, with the world’s best cave diving right on your doorstep.

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