ProTec Dive Centers & Advanced Training Facilities

Playa del Carmen & Tulum, Mexico

ProTec Dive Centers provide the highest quality instruction in cavern diving, cave diving, sidemount, KISS Sidewinder, rebreather and technical diving, as well as instructor training and guided diving since 2001. Our elite team of instructors and guides were drawn to the amazing dive sites in Mexico from all over the world. We teach and guide in several languages and have vast experience diving in various environments. Although we are based in Mexico, our passionate team works and explores all over the world (currently some 16+ countries). Members of the team are constantly involved in scientific and exploration projects that have been documented by several international news outlets. Driven by their passion and experience, our team provide the highest quality instruction in a safe and controlled environment. ProTec Dive Centers has been at the forefront of cave diving, sidemount, CCR/rebreather and technical training for the last 20 years.  We pride ourselves on offering the most up to date, comprehensive cave diving training in the industry.

Mexico's premier dive training and support center

Cavern and Cave Diving

We offer guided cave and cavern dives in Mexico’s famous cenotes as well as training to all cave diver levels, from sidemount to CCR Cave as well as Instructor and Instructor Trainer levels. Let us support your dives with tanks, gear rentals and logistics. Come and enjoy the worlds no.1 cave diving destination.

CCR/Rebreather Diving

CCR Rebreather diving runs in our blood. We pride ourselves in premium support, training and guiding for CCR cave diving with our dedicated, air conditioned, rebreather assembly room. Within our team, we dive 7 of the top selling CCR units on the market and have an in depth knowledge and experience of many rebreathers.

Open Circuit Technical Diving

Take your open circuit diving deeper! Mexico offers many world class technical diving sites. We assist technical divers on complex dives and provide instruction in mixed gas diving. Our state of the art fill station provides the highest quality gas and allows us to fill any tank, with any mix, to any pressure. 

Open Water Diving

We help certified divers improve their skills through advanced training in buoyancy control, technique, sidemount and DPV (scooter) diving in an open water setting. This is the perfect first step to becoming a better diver. Transform the way you dive and begin your journey towards mastery.

Choose from two great locations

ProTec Playa del Carmen

Located in the heart of bustling Playa del Carmen, ProTec Playa is a stone’s throw from exceptional cuisine, nightlife and the beautiful Caribbean ocean. Playa is a great choice for those who enjoy spending time in a bigger and busier, world-class tourist destination. With top training sites just minutes away, Playa del Carmen is the ideal location for your cave diving vacation.

ProTec Tulum

Located minutes away from the world’s most extensive cave network, ProTec Tulum is perfectly located for the visiting cave diver. Some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches and historic ruins are a quick drive ride away. Tulum is a great choice for a relaxed vacation away from the hustle and bustle, with the world’s best cave diving right on your doorstep.

“These guys are some of the best cave divers in the world and I learned a ton all around… The ProTec facility is state of the art.”

Peter D.


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