Steve Crosby

Steve grew up in Mississippi and that is where his diving journey began. After graduating from university, Steve sold all his belongings and traveled to New Zealand and Australia to dive, before settling in Thailand. Over a span of six years in Thailand, he worked as an SSI, TDI, and RAID instructor and developed his love of technical instruction and wreck exploration. He pursued further training and teaching opportunities in both Malaysia and Indonesia for a year and a half before being invited back to Thailand to take over the professional development of the largest Dive Master Training program in the country. 

In 2018, Steve made his first trip to ProTec by organizing a trip for himself and eleven other friends to complete their cave courses together. This was Steve’s first time meeting the ProTec staff and he immediately asked for a T-shirt with his name on it, the ones usually reserved for staff. He finally has one.

In the beginning of 2019, Steve landed a job in Egypt working as a live-a-board operator. While working in the Red Sea, his technical diving and guiding skills were put to the test; wreck exploration, DPV diving, and decompression diving were daily occurrences and usually combined. Then Steve made another trip back to Mexico to complete his Multi-Stage Cave Course, and planned dive trips to Sweden and the UK.

Steve’s 2020 Covid story ended up with him being separated from all his dive gear and stuck in the US. So he did what any diver would do and became an Emergency Medical Technician working on various movies and tv shows. While working in that industry, he saved up so he could make the move to Mexico and officially join the team. 

Steve arrived at ProTec in December of 2021, completed his MOD 1 CCR Course, and began working as a freelancer for ProTec. He officially joined the team fulltime in June of 2022 and looks forward to growing his teaching to include Cavern, Intro to Cave, and one day Full Cave Instructor.

Diver Levels:

  • TDI Cave Multi Stage Diver, O2 Equipment Service Technician
  • PSAI Full Cave Diver, CCR KISS Sidewinder 
  • Aqualung Service Technician
  • BSAC Conservation Diver

Instructor Levels:

  • SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer
  • RAID Open Water Instructor Trainer, Speciality Instructor Trainer, Advanced Wreck instructor Trainer
  • RAID Deco 40, Deco 50, Deco 60
  • TDI Intro to Tech, Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Technical DPV

“This is the fourth time that we have used ProTec Dive Center in Tulum and they remain absolutely superb.”

Jonathan A.