DPV Diving for the Open Water Environment

Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs), otherwise known as underwater scooters, allow divers to travel greater distances than they could if propelled by their fins alone. ProTec offers this course to teach divers how to properly use a DPV in an open water environment. Divers will learn proper technique, maintenance, accessories and peripheral equipment to take their diving farther. During your course, you will use the most advanced DPVs currently on the market and will understand how to use them safely.  Our DPV course goes beyond just teaching you to pull the trigger! 

Whilst it may be rare to find our team of instructors utilizing DPV’s for open water diving, they all have extensive knowledge and experience using DPV’s in the most challenging and unforgiving underwater environment’s possible – flooded caves. With years upon years of experience using underwater scooters for cave exploration, in some cases over 10,000ft from the nearest entry, we impart our students with first-hand knowledge of how to safely and efficiently enjoy using DPVs. Want a nice way to end your course? We suggest a cool 1 hour plus DPV dive cruising off the walls of Playa del Carmen, taking in the pristine coral reefs and electric blue waters.

Certification for this course is offered through PSAI Mexico. This course takes a minimum of 3 days to complete and is available to all certified divers with 30 logged dives.


Course Content Includes:

  • The history of DPV diving
  • Open Water DPV use and potential hazards
  • Overview of DPV system configuration
  • DPV theory and operation
  • Practical in water skills
  • DPV preparation and maintenance
  • DPV’s and safe operation


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