DPV Instructor

Using a DPV is fun, but teaching people how to use them is even more rewarding. We have been using DPVs since the early 2000’s. Our founders and instructors have experience diving with DPVs for long dives covering several kilometers. We have also participated in multi-sump projects where we towed 60kg of climbing gear for several kilometers and have used DPVs to help push end of lines at over 100m/330ft depth, during exploration dives. We have used dpvs in 10+ different countries and three different continents in cold and warm water. Suffice it to say, we love DPV diving and we know what we’re talking about.

Open Water Instructor Prerequisites

  • Must hold a minimum of a current PSAI Open Water Instructor Rating or equivalent.
  • Must be certified at the diver level in the PSAI specific specialty, or the equivalent, the Specialty Instructor candidate desires to teach. 

Overhead Instructor Prerequisites

If you are serious about your future as a DPV Instructor, please fill out this form for detailed information and so our in-house PSAI Instructor Trainer can get in contact with you. 

“From the moment you walk in you realize you’re in a different type of dive shop. You feel the professionalism and the excellence that this place brings.”

Justin E.