Custom Packages

We offer completely customisable packages for you and your buddy to get the most out of your next dive trip to Mexico. Perhaps you both are already advanced divers wanting to increase your cave penetration capabilities and would like to take a stage class or maybe you would like to experience the bubble free world of rebreather diving? Something we encourage all our students to do is save a couple of days at the end of their trip to make some fun dives, perhaps after 9 days of cave training you and your buddy would like to spend some relaxed dives enjoying the environment? Contact us via email or by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page to create your own diving package today!


What’s Included In The Package?

  • Private airport transfer (Round Trip)
  • On site accommodation based on 2 people sharing a room
  • All diving related activities
  • If training, all course materials and rental gear
  • No hidden fees!   


How Much Does The Package Cost?

Due to logistics the price of our buddy team packages does differ slightly between locations.  Send us an email outlining your desired location, course and/or guiding requirements, length of stay and our team will reply shortly with a quote for your custom diving package. 

Both our locations offer clean, comfortable on site accommodation with air conditioning and wifi. Click Here to view our lodging options in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum

“The team here are extremely professional, while also being very friendly and easy-going.”

Jen B.