Cave Diver Package

Over 9 days of training our team of passionate instructors will help you and your buddy master the skills needed to safely dive in this breath taking environment. This is an eye opening course that will forever change the way you will think and act as a diver. Train hard to dive easy! 


What’s Included In The Package?

  • Private airport transfers (Round Trip) 
  • 10 nights accommodation based on 2 people sharing a room     
  • 9 days of Cave Diver training
  • All course materials and rental gear 
  • No hidden fees!


How Much Does The Package Cost?

Due to logistics the price of our buddy team packages does differ slightly between locations. The cost of our Cave Diver Package is $2894 per person in our Playa Del Carmen facility and $3019 in our Tulum facility

Both our locations offer clean, comfortable on site accommodation with air conditioning and wifi. Click Here to view our lodging options in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum


Our team of international instructors and explorers have been diving in caves all over the world including; Mexico, France, Italy, Madagascar, Bahamas, Florida, Dominican Republic, Australia, Haiti, Austria, Belize and many more locations. Being exposed to so many different conditions in underwater caves, our team can condense years of knowledge and experience into your class, making you a more rounded cave diver that is equipped for diving all types of caves and conditions.

With an average depth of 9m (30ft) – 12m (40ft) the caves of Mexico are the perfect place to hone your skills as a Cave Diver. Considering this and the fact we will be using a more aggressive gas rule at cave level, you can expect for some much longer dives during this section of your training. Once we leave the mainline and venture off into the labyrinth of cave passages found throughout the area, we will expose you to new problems that might arise and give you the tools you need to work through these problems, and many more, in a safe and controlled setting.

Certification for this course is offered through PSAI Mexico. This course takes a minimum of 9 days.


Course Content Includes:

  • Fundamentals of diving in the overhead
  • Equipment workshop
  • Team diving and awareness
  • Dive planning considerations and execution
  • Passive and active team communication
  • Psychological aspects of diving in the overhead environment
  • How to safely and efficiently run a primary reel
  • Zero visibility protocol and procedure 
  • Gas sharing within the team
  • Understand your equipment including problem solving in gas failure situations
  • General emergency procedures and considerations
  • Learn navigation techniques to leave the mainline, including T’s, jumps and gaps
  • Passing minor restrictions both with and without visibility
  • How to set up and execute a circuit and traverse


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ProTec offers various certification combinations to help you reach your cave diving goals. Check out our cave diver Training Tracks to help you plan your trip.



“Love this place, some of the best cave divers in the world teach here.”

Sabin R.