Advanced Cave DPV Diver Workshop

This workshop is conducted rarely and only to people with sufficient reason to engage in this type of diving. The Advanced Cave DPV Diver Workshop focuses on long range penetrations. Dive planning and DPV rotation are key aspects, since the distances covered on these dives are too far for swimming out unassisted to be a viable option in an emergency situation. This workshop includes seriously long cave dives that cover great distances. 

Whilst not common practice for the average diver, our team has utilized multiple DPV’s during exploration dives all around the world. They have an intimate working knowledge of these machines, alongside real-life experiences that highlight the increased risks involved when travelling great distances into the cave. This allows them to impart on you all the skills and knowledge needed to begin using multiple DPV’s in a safe and controlled environment, whilst pushing your problem solving capabilities and dive skills to the limit.

Workshop Content Includes:

  • Dive planning and gas management
  • Psychological effects of travelling long distances in the cave using a DPV
  • Emergency protocols including DPV failure within the team


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ProTec offers various certification combinations to help you reach your cave diving goals. Check out our cave diver Training Tracks to help you plan your trip.

Please note this is a workshop without certification. This workshop takes a minimum of 3 days to complete and is only available to VERY experienced DPV Cave Divers with a need to be trained in this type of diving.

“The focus on safety and detail made it the best course we have done.”

Sven H.