Dive Packages For Buddy Teams

Here at ProTec Dive Centers we are all about team diving and to celebrate this we have created several different diving packages designed for you to get the most out of your next dive trip. Diving in a team is not only safer but it is way more fun! Building up experience with a close friend or local diving buddy is a great way to develop a strong team diving mentality and allow you to both grow together as divers. 

Our packages include everything you need for your upcoming dive trip; private airport transfers, accommodation, all diving activities, rental equipment when training and course materials – no hidden fees!      

Whether you and your buddy want a personalised guided diving experience to discover the magic of the cenotes or a course to help hone your skills and improve as divers, our dive packages are a great way to enjoy a vacation with your friend and dive in some of the most amazing environments on the planet!

To learn more about our packages click on any of the links below.

Our Packages

Advanced Buoyancy Control

Develop a solid foundation to build your diving skills upon, The prerequisite to cave and technical diver training

Open Water Sidemount

We love Sidemount diving! Experience the freedom of  Sidemount and reap of the benefits of this configuration

Cave Diver

Learn how to safely and efficiently enjoy these amazing places. This course will change how you think about diving

Guided Cave Diving

Mexico is the worlds no1 cave diving destination. Come and what makes these caves are so special

Guided Cavern Diving

Discover the wonders of the Cenotes. Open to all certified divers with good buoyancy control and awareness

Advanced Nitrox

This course is for divers interested in diving with higher oxygen percentages than those allowed under the Nitrox Diver certification.

CCR Basic MOD 1

 Learn the basics of CCR diving. We can teach basic MOD1 courses on various rebreathers 

CCR Crossover

Best practices for safe CCR diving, no matter which unit you use. We can help you make the change from one unit to another

Create Your Own Package

Don’t see a package that suits your team? Customise your own team diving package and reap the benefits

“Their wealth of knowledge is truly invaluable if you aspire to improve your diving”

Andrew C.